Terms and Conditions of Cleaning Services

Last updated: 26/06/2023

ME UK Group Limited, registered in England with company number 12688769, VAT Number 437866353, trading as YourCleaner Cleaning Services. By placing a service request in person, over the phone or by email, customers are bound to YourCleaner Cleaning services Terms and Conditions. YourCleaner cleaning services reserves the rights to amend our Terms and Conditions without prior notice.

1. Working hours:

We operate Monday – Sunday 7am-6pm. Office hours are Monday – Friday 8am - 5pm. For non- urgent queries, please only contact us in office hours.

2. Duration

We can only give a rough estimate of the duration of the cleaning service, which is based on a basic description and/or inspection of the premises. Please note that cleaning hours may vary from the initial quote.

3. Minimum charge:

Customer agrees to pay a minimum of 2 hours/cleaning visit.

4. Charge rate:

Charge rate to be discussed and agreed by the customer before booking cleaning services.Please note, we may send more than 1 cleaner to complete the cleaning. Sending more than 1 cleaner will reduce the cleaning time however we charge for the initial time that would have taken one cleaner (man-hours). It looks like this: YourCleaner cleaning services book the job for 6 man hours so 1 cleaner would need 6 hours to finish the job. 2 cleaners however will finish the same job in 3 hours (half the time). In this case 6 man-hours will be charged.

5. Laundry:

Our standard cleaning services does not include laundry however in case such a service is requested, please note YourCleaner cleaning services will not be liable in case of an accidental damage in customer’s clothing.

6. Ironing:

In case ironing services are requested, all the adequate equipment to be provided by the customer. YourCleaner cleaning services are not liable for damages caused by inappropriate and/or faulty cleaning equipment and electronics provided by the customer.

7. Damages:

The customer agrees to provide all the relevant information and proof required in case a damage/breakage is caused by our cleaning operatives. YourCleaner cleaning services will try to provide identical replacement however that is not guaranteed. Please note YourCleaner cleaning services will not take any liability for the failure of any electronic devices. We will not fix and/or replace any electronic devices that stopped working due to failure of electronic components

8. Window Cleaning:

YourCleaner cleaning services is not insured to do outside window cleaning.

9. Gardening Work:

YourCleaner cleaning services is not insured to carry out cleaning services outside of the premises.

10. Valuable Items:

Please note, our staff will not perform specialised cleaning on any antique, delicate or valuable items. However if such a cleaning service has been requested, YourCleaner cleaning services will not be liable for accidental damage to any antique, delicate or valuable items. Please store all sentimental value items away from areas where cleaning services are carried out. Please keep away from cleaning areas any important paperwork that cannot be moved or replaced. YourCleaner cleaning services are not taking any liability for misplaced and/or lost documents and paperwork.

Your Obligations

1. To provide a safe working environment to our staff. All the furniture in the premises needs to be securely fitted. We are not liable for damages caused by loose/outdated fittings. All electrical equipment needs to be safe and in working order.

2. To provide hot running water, electricity and heating (when necessary) in order for our staff to carry out the cleaning.

3. Customers are responsible to provide access to the premises at the scheduled time. Failure to do so will incur 2 hours charge which the customer agrees to pay.

4. YourCleaner cleaning services are not liable for triggering alarm systems. Customer is responsible for giving the appropriate access codes to us in writing upon booking cleaning services or at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled cleaning.

5. YourCleaner cleaning services is not liable for any damages caused by inappropriate cleaning materials provided by the customer

6. Any damages/breakage must be reported to YourCleaner cleaning services immediately or not later than 24 hours of the completion of the service. Please note, no claims can be made against YourCleaner cleaning services after the 24 hour time limit.

Cancellation Policy

1. For cancellations we require 24 hours notice otherwise the full price will be charged.

2. Customers may request to adjust the date and time of cleaning visit given that YourCleaner cleaning services are able to accommodate such a request. We require at least 24 hours notice.

3. Terminating cleaning services: Customers may terminate our services by giving 14 days of notice in writing. YourCleaner Cleaning services reserves the right to terminate cleaning services without further notice in case there is an outstanding invoice or in case there are delays in payments.

4. Cancellations or amendments to be addressed to YourCleaner cleaning services office and not to be discussed with employee/contractor otherwise a full price of cleaning will be charged. Please email all cancellation and/or modification requests to info@yourcleaner.uk within office hours.


1. Invoices are sent weekly (unless agreed otherwise) and due on receipt. Invoices to be paid no later than 7 days from the invoice date.

2. Any ‘late payments’ may be subject to additional charges. Failure to pay the outstanding balance within 7 days will incur late payment charges of 8% per week of every delayed payment.

3. Please note, all accounts beyond our terms will be passed to debt collectors. These accounts will be subject to any legal costs incurred whilst obtaining settlement.


1. Complaints are only accepted in writing and only with supporting evidence attached.

2. Complaints must be reported on completion or within 24 hours of completion of the cleaning. We are not taking liability and are unable to assist with complaints reported after 24 hours of completion.

3. YourCleaner cleaning services have 7 days to respond to complaints.

4. In case our customers are not satisfied with the results, our cleaners must be allowed to return and re-do and/or correct the job at no extra charge. Customers must be present whilst remedial works are carried out. YourCleaner cleaning services reserves the right not to return cleaners more than once.

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