The Do's and Don'ts of Choosing a Cleaning Service

The Do's and Don'ts of Choosing a Cleaning Service

Choosing a cleaning service isn't like picking out socks – it's a pretty big deal. Whether you’re looking for office cleaning, holiday let cleaning, or just the regular ol' home tidying, it’s essential to find the right fit. You're about to let someone (or a group of someones) into your personal space, and if you're anything like me, that space is sacred. Over my years as an experienced cleaner and owner of a cleaning company, I've got tales that would make your socks (the ones we're not picking) roll up and run away. So let's dive into some authentic do's and don'ts that I've picked up along the way.


The Niche Cleaning Services

Let's talk a moment about some specific cleaning services. When it comes to office cleaning, it’s about more than just appearance. A clean office can boost employee morale and productivity. Then there's end of tenancy cleaning, a godsend when you're moving out and have a million other things on your mind. For landlords, a thorough end of tenancy cleaning can help you get your space rented out quicker. And don't even get me started on holiday let cleaning – that’s the kind of deep cleaning that ensures guests feel right at home from the get-go. So, whatever your need, understanding the different services available can guide your choices.


DO: Dive into those Online Reviews

A little story... Back in the early days of my business, when we were primarily focused on office cleaning and end of tenancy cleaning, a client told me she chose my service because of a review where someone praised how we managed to get a red wine stain out of a white carpet. Online reviews can be like window shopping – it lets you see what's up before committing. But remember, take them with a pinch of salt – no one's perfect 100% of the time.

DO: Get Nosy about their Cleaning Supplies

I recall a holiday let cleaning where the owner wanted everything to be eco-friendly for their guests. Back in the day, I had a client, Mrs. Greene, who was big on green cleaning – eco-friendly, natural, the works. This nudged our company policy towards more eco-friendly products. Always check what's in the bottle. Some companies might use products that can be harsh or harmful, especially if you've got pets or kids.

DO: Chat about the Money Upfront

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If I had a dime for every time someone said, "I didn't know deep cleaning was extra!", I'd probably have... well, a lot of dimes. Always be clear on pricing. No one likes those sneaky add-ons at the end.


DON'T: Play the Guessing Game

I remember a client during an end of tenancy cleaning who mentioned that they wished we’d clean the balcony too because they used it often. The thing is, we would have happily done it from day one if we’d known. Moral of the story? Communication is key.


Extra Nuggets of Wisdom: Training matters

Always check if the staff are well-trained, especially for specialised tasks like deep cleaning. I remember hiring a newbie once without proper training. He vacuumed a client's cat's tail during a standard home cleaning. The cat was fine, but imagine if this was a delicate holiday let cleaning. It made me realise the importance of thorough training.


Flexibility is golden:

The best services can adjust to your needs. Need them to come in the evenings or prefer bi-weekly instead of weekly? A good service will try to accommodate.


Final Rambles and Thoughts:

There's a certain magic in coming home to a clean space – it's like the universe gives you a big, comforting hug. Whether it's a freshly tidied office, a vacation property ready for guests, or your very own living room looking spotless, the peace of mind is unparalleled. Finding the right cleaning service might seem daunting, but with a pinch of caution, a dash of research, and a sprinkle of gut instinct, you're well on your way to making the right choice.