10 Myths About Commercial Cleaning Services

10 Myths About Commercial Cleaning Services

In an era where a clean environment is has became super important, commercial cleaning companies have come under the spotlight more than ever. As commercial cleaning services continue to rise in demand, so as the myths and misconceptions associated with them. In this blog post, we aim to declutter 10 common myths about commercial cleaning services. 


Is Commercial Cleaning Just About Aesthetics

Truth: While a clean space certainly looks appealing, the purpose of commercial cleaning goes beyond aesthetics. Regular and professional cleaning helps in eliminating germs, allergens, and pollutants. This ensures a healthier workspace and can significantly reduce the number of sick days taken by employees.


Are Cleaning Companies Provide the Same Services?

Truth: Commercial cleaning companies vary greatly in terms of the services they offer, their expertise, and the equipment they use. While some might specialise in daily office cleaning, others might focus on industrial spaces, healthcare facilities, or post-construction clean-ups. Before hiring, always ascertain what specific services a company offers.


Is Commercial Cleaning Overpriced?

Truth: As with any service, you get what you pay for. A reputable commercial cleaning company might charge more, but they also likely have trained professionals, advanced equipment, and insurance in place. Cheaper options might skip corners, potentially leading to costs to your business.


Is it Better to Hire In-house Cleaners?

Truth: While having an in-house cleaning team gives you direct control, it also comes with overheads like salaries, benefits, training, and equipment procurement. Commercial cleaning services often turn out to be more cost-effective as they're scalable and come equipped with everything necessary for the job.


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